EveOctober 10th 2022

I have a Daco pumping system in my neon shop which I bought years ago. Even though I purchased it used, it came with all the manuals, which I have saved, and I thought they could be useful to folks who have acquired some Daco equipment, but don’t have any information to go with it. And since they went out of business a long time ago there is no one to call and ask questions. Well, owners of Daco equipment you are in luck! I have scanned all of the Daco product information that I have saved and uploaded it to the NMG library. You’ll find installation and operating manuals for their manifold, diffusion pump, temperature and vacuum gauges as well as information for troubleshooting o-ring connections, electrode sizing, bombarder wiring and their recommended processing procedure. In addition to the Daco material, I uploaded files including technical data on glass, and a couple of vintage articles from Sign Builder Illustrated Magazine. One of them is an interview with my neon teacher, Haley Ryane, about her experience teaching neon and running her neon school for 17 years. If you haven’t visited our library lately, click on over and check it out. You can browse the files or use the search function if you are seeking something specific.

 Do you have a suggestion for something you’d like us to include in the Neon Maker’s Guild library? Add your comment below and we’ll see what we can do! 


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