NickMay 15th 2022

Collectively, we've had a pretty rough few years. Some have had serious health issues, slow business, etc. Hopefully we have used this time to internalize what we want. Hopefully 2022 has started something fresh and new for you. 

RobertMay 15th 2022

When I got into neon, I didn't realize it was so secretive.  I've since come to appreciate the kindness of teaching that was sent my way...

NickMay 14th 2022

Let's talk color charts and matching! The 'OoOs' and 'AhHhs' of colors. I discuss neon samples and making your own in this brief post with examples.

DanielleMay 14th 2022

A Beacon of Hope: One Year Later

In May of 2021, after 25 years in dilapidation, the neon marquee for The Echo Theater was expertly restored to its full glory by a team of passionate neon artists/glass benders.

Eve May 13th 2022

A perennial playlist of songs that mention neon in the lyrics. 

Eve May 3rd 2022

Sometimes you need a weight to hold things down while you are splicing glass together. Here is a simple one that you can make with just a few supplies.

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